Alliance policies: Supervised Community Treatment

The Government is proposing to amend the 1983 Act to introduce 'Supervised Community Treatment' which is one of the most controversial aspects of the proposals. It is likely that a patient placed on a supervised community treatment order will be required to accept specified medical treatment and also have other restrictions placed on their liberty - such as being told where to live.

Opposition to community treatment orders

Some members of the Alliance- including most service user groups- are opposed to compulsory community treatment in any circumstance. Many believe that the concept is flawed because if a person is unwell enough to need compulsory powers, then by definition they should be in a safe hospital setting. Many carers groups believe that families will be placed in an unsustainable situation of having to care for someone sufficiently unwell to be under compulsory powers.

The Alliance was opposed to the proposals for Non Residential Orders in the 2004 Draft Bill. We are concerned that SCT may also fail to ensure that compulsory treatment in the community is only restricted to a small number of patients and that appropriate safeguards are provided. We remain concerned that SCT includes very wide restrictions which could be placed upon people living in the community - such as setting curfews and preventing people from going out to certain places such as the pub.

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