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Other library resources - DH and Parliamentary publications

Black and Minority Ethnic Groups

Count Me In: Results of a National census of inpatients in mental health hospitals and facilities in England and Wales, November 2005

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Comparative studies of mental health legislation and epidemiology of mental disorders

Epidemiology of involuntary placement of mentally ill people across the EU, Hans Joachim Salize and Harald Dressing, British Journal of Psychiatry (2004) 184, 163-168

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A comparison of ethical attitudes of English and German health professionals and lay people towards involuntary admission: Implications for the new Mental Health Act (England & Wales), Peter Lepping, Tilman Steinert, and Ralf-Peter Gebhardt, Volume 4, January 2004

Compulsory Admission and Involuntary Treatment of Mentally Ill Patients - Legislation and Practice in EU-member states, Central Institute of Mental Health, Germany. May 2002

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Dangerousness and Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment - ‘numbers’ and ‘values’, George Szmukler, Psychiatric Bulletin (2003) 27, 205-207

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Human Rights

What can the Human Rights Act do for my Mental Health? Baroness Hale, Paul Sieghart Memorial Lecture, 2004

Mental Disorder and the European Convention, lecture by Genevra Rchardson, 5 December 2002

Draft Mental Health Bill, Joint Committee on Human Rights Report, 4th November 2002

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Mental Capacity Act

Community Treatment Orders

A Question of Numbers: The potential impact of community-based treatment orders in England and Wales, King's Fund, 2005

Compulsory Community and Involuntary Outpatient Treatment for people with mental disorders (Review), Kisely, S., Campbell L.A., Preston, N., The Cochrane Collaboration 2005

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How patients in New Zealand view Community Treatment Orders, Gibbs, Dawson, Ansley and Mullen, Journal of Mental Health, (2005) 14(4), 357-368

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Community Treatment Orders: International Comparisons, John Dawson, May 2005

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1983 Mental Health Act and Reform

In Place of Fear? Eleventh Biennial Report 2003-5, Mental Health Act Commission, 2006

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Placed amongst strangers: Twenty years of the Mental Health Act 1983 and future prospects for psychiatric compulsion Tenth Biennial Report 2001-3, Mental Health Act Commission, 2003

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Mind the Law: Mind's Evidence to the Government's Mental Health Legislation Scoping Study Review Team Margaret Pedler, February 1999

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Department of Health and Parliamentary publications

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Amendment of the 1983 Mental Health Act

Scrutiny of the 2004 Draft Mental Health Bill

Government’s Response to the Joint Committee report on the 2004 Draft Mental Health Bill July 2005

Joint Committee Report March 2005

Joint Committee Report Volume II March 2005 - oral and written submissions to the Committee

Joint Committee Report Volume III March 2005 - written submissions to the Committee

Joint Committee Report- Easy Read Version March 2005

2004 Draft Mental Health Bill

Draft Mental Health Bill 2004

Draft Mental Health Bill 2004 - Explanatory Notes

Draft Mental Health Bill 2004 - Easy Read Version

Improving Mental Health Law - Towards a New Mental Health Act - Government document accompanying the 2004 Draft Bill

2002 Mental Health Bill

2002 Mental Health Bill

2002 Mental Health Bill - consultation document

Expert Committee Report

Report of the Expert Committee: Review of the Mental Health Act 1983, chaired by Professor Genevra Richardson, November 1999